With Essence of Hipster


A friend of mine went to Toronto and brought me back these.


The first time I tasted one, I said, “It tastes like a hipster’s house would smell.”  A hipster’s house, car, favourite hangout, whatever.  It tastes like hipster.  Not that it’s a bad thing.  They are actually quite tasty.  The squares, I mean.  I’ve never tasted a hipster.  Usually I find that things made of marshmallow are way too sweet for me, but these are quite nice.  The basil cuts the sweetness quite a bit, so they don’t look nearly as sickly sweet as their colour suggests.

Because of my initial verdict as to their flavour, I’ve since begun referring to them as ‘hipster squares.’  Marshmallow squares made with essence of hipster.

Of course, the thing that gives them their distinctive flavour is the basil.

I’ve discovered the essence of the hipster.  The essence of the hipster is basil.

This claim can be backed up with evidence:

1. I like basil.  Therefore, I must like hipsters.  Statistically, this appears to be true in most cases.


2. Basil is the essence of hipsters.  Therefore, hipsters should like basil.  Statistically, this also appears to be true (based off of personal anecdotal evidence).

I rest my case.


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