Starchild5 – Winning


I recently discovered a website:, thanks to a friend who was kind enough to post it on FB. Before you click through to it, understand that it is basically a place for shitty men to get together and talk about how sluts can’t be raped and all women are evil, so if that’s going to ruin your day, maybe just don’t.

Horrible though the people in forums section of this site may be, there is one diamond in the rough, and that diamond’s user name is Starchild5. Just so you have a more complete understanding of this user’s personality, that user name is coupled with this avatar:

I wish I could read all of his posts without having to register or sift through the rest of the bile, because they are truly golden. Rather than explain this magical individual to you, I’ll just let him speak for himself. His views may seem unreal to you, but I’m fairly convinced he really believes this stuff, and I love him for it. If I ever find more of his stuff, I’ll do a follow-up post.

The spelling and grammar is all him. The gifs are my addition.

“Feminism can’t survive in front of Prostitution. The only cure for Feminism is Hookers.”

“Not even money can save you from Feminism, Its spreading everywhere.”

“The people who created the concept of feminism as we know are not women themselves. It has to be a twisted incredible evil smart, know it all thingy…..”

“The more deeper you go into feminism the more powerful it seems to be – It has this tentacles that would consume every defensive mechanism a man has.”

“Men and women were in one body, we were androgynous and were divided by other Aliens races to lower the power we had. The male sex organ itself is Alien to men, that’s why it is damm hard for men to control their sexual desires.”

“Sexual Organ has a mind of its own. Preston Nicols has investigated this further and he says… The shape of our D**k acts as an antenna to HyperSpace… The feeling of or***m is really opening up the antenna and connecting it with Hyperspace where the Sperms are programmed by the controlling forces of this universe.”

“If one takes the sperms from the scrotum, its a proven scientific fact that… if Sperms that don’t pass through the feeling of or***m, they are not fertile and cannot make babies. Our Sperms Must pass through or***m in order for it to be active. The feeling of or***m is really out of this world.”



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